May 5th, 2012

I recently got hired at Patxi’s Chicago Pizza in Palo Alto as a hostess (all thanks to the homedawg Francis). Tryna make it rain on my billz so hopefully I nail everything and move up as a server. 

The sucky thing about online classes is that I kind of procrastinate on my work since 1) there is so much flexibility 2) I subconsciously put all of this class’s work on the bottom of my list since the course is online. All of my assignments for my nutrition class online is due on Sunday @ 11:45. My teacher assigns so much work that it just piles up on my to-do list throughout the week and she is the type that wants hella detail and thought in the answers too .___. So, I disciplined myself last night (Friday) by not going out and doing homework instead. Didn’t get much done last night cause I was herra tired from work so I woke up extra early today to get some work done.

After putting in work academically, I headed out to Palo Alto for training. Everyone is hecka chill and being trained by Francis is easy peasy.

Then I ran hella errands in Newark. Picked up my paycheck at Tap and notified my manager that I will be quitting. </3 Since Tap was my first official job, I can’t help but feel super sad that I’m leaving especially since that job was my comfort zone for over a year and a half. We’re also hella understaffed. My manager hired new girls but it’s gonna take them a while to handle the ropes. Not to mention my manager is fairly new at Tapioca Express as well. SO SAD!

Mayweather vs. Cotto with the Guintu family. Hecka good fight! Never seen a scratch on Mayweather, let alone a nose bleed. Props to Cotto for battling it out. I know you’re an arrogant fighter, but thank you money may for making me come up on fitty dollas.

Hung out with Jerome’s cousins after. Throwin’ the football in the dark street, puffin’ and passin’, and just chillin until I went home to get my midterm finished, a discussion post, and a weekly assignment done.

Oh & happy cinco de mayo to all my holmes out there!

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